Welcome to TTRPG Swag!

Chris Paladin shirt

A few years ago, I found myself missing out on time with people and friends, mostly due to job change and well 2020. At that time, through a weird sequence of events I stumbled upon Critical Role, Dimension 20, and other D&D live plays. I found myself captivated by the stories they told together and picked up how to play.

I reached out to a friend who I knew played to see if he knew of a game I could join, and it just so happened they were starting a new campaign and the rest is history.

I have found the TTRPG community to be one of love, generosity, and joy. I love designing and started making shirt designs for my group and decided to start a store for others to buy too.

The class shirt series is great for the beginning of a campaign or to give you a vibe for the day.

If your groups has inside jokes or you want a specific design, just let me know.

Welcome, I am glad you are here.

-Chris LVL 15 Oath of Redemption Paladin.